MoJack XT – Residential Riding Lawn Mower Lift

Quite a renowned one in the series from MoJack and it can lift upto 500lbs. It has a weight of around 75 pounds. It is durable and has a well built body which makes it quite convenient to lift mowers. It is quite flexible and versatile. It is quite convenient when it comes to maintenance since one can rectify small issues as and when it arises apart from sharpening blades or replacing them or polishing the body by removing the debris etc. 

  • One can adjust the wheel pads as per the requirement of specific mower to ensure that it fits greatly
  • It can conveniently lift weight of different types of lawnmowers
  • Convenient to use and operate
  • NONE

Pro-Lift T-5335A Lawn Mower Lift

Are you looking for a lawnmower lift with less mobility issue so that you can easily carry it whenever needed?

If yes, then this one does justice. Being lightweight, it is equally capable of handling zero-turn mowers as well as smaller town tractors. The lift is capable of lifting weight upto 350 pounds at a height of 23 inches. At such a height, it gives enough room for you to clean the desk, change blades or sharpen them. It has a wheel span of 40-3/4 to 49-3/8 inches.

So, if you are worried about the scratches in the machine, this lawnmower lift comes with rubber padded platform which prevents the machine to get scratches as it creates and maintains an awesome look of the machine by strengthening its shine and adding to its durability. 

It has a non-slip foot pedal that equally creates an easy and quick approach while you lift the load. So, if you want to use it for different sort of machines, then the lift can be adjusted accordingly. 

  • One can lift a weight of upto 350 pounds
  • It has an easy foot pedal listing system
  • Suitable and appropriate for smaller riding lawn mowers.
  • Its weight is reasonably minimal
  • The mower has the drawback that it tends to slip easily

Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack

It can be categorized as a multi-level mower lift as you don't need a separate jack for mower and car.  It is created for lifting capacity of whopping 4000 pounds where based on your needs, you can lift any sort of lawnmower, truck, SUV, car, trailer etc

The body needs stability and thanks to the locking safety bar, it provides the same. There is a removable saddle which is accompanied by padded lift rails for adding to the versatility. It comes with steel construction which adds to the durability of the product.

  • It is associated with awesome weight capacity as it stands at 4000 pounds
  • It has steel construction which further creates a durable body
  • It is also associated with locking bar to add on to stability
  • It can be categorized as an all purpose lifting jack of not just lawnmower but also of various equipments.
  • Installation purpose can be termed as quite exhausting

Jungle Jim’s Commercial or Push Mower Lift Jack

It is another mower in the list which deserves to be. It can also be used for commercial purpose and owing to its usage, it is designed in such a manner, where it can withstand heavyweight

So, what if you have a machine which consists of roughly 800 pounds, it can lift the same. In short, it can bear the weight of any size, so to speak. Due to extremely high usage, the company has also applied for a patent in USA.  So, based on the popularity and the kind of usage, it is associated with, you can do maintenance properly and in a systematic manner. Yes, it creates such an easy approach where one can lift the front and back tires to a satisfactory height of 19 inches for completing the tasks associated with maintenance in an effective manner. So, if you want to be sure of securely lifting the machine, then there is a security arm inbuilt in the body too. 

  • Offers sufficient capacity to list different kinds of machines
  • It offers a safe and secure lifting so that you can carry it easily
  • It offers steel construction for enhanced durability
  • It doesn't have a proper instructional manual when it comes to assembling

Pro-Lift T-5305 Lawn Mower Lift

Does you work entail you to have a big sized lawn mower?

If yes, then you naturally need a lawnmower lift which can withstand the weight and pressure of the same and this is where it fits perfectly based on the available requirement. 

It can withstand an approx weight of 500 pounds at a height of 26 inches. It is quite flexible, thanks to wide wheel span which makes it an efficient choice to conveniently work with different mowers. It has an impressive working methodology with even heavier mowers. The manufacturers know the kind of body they are going to create and it has a hydraulic lifting system which adds to its impressive functioning right through the foot pedal. Its safety locking levers can be put on and off in an impressive manner. It is associated with 90 days limited warranty.

  • It is compatible with series of different bodies be it like that of push mowers, ATVs, tractors etc
  • It is quite safe and easy to be used
  • It comes with hydraulic foot pedal which adds to its efficiency
  • It is associated with wheel span adjustability of upto 42.5 inches
  • One many encounter an issue with storing the unit, as it is designed in such a manner, where it doesn't fold

MoJack EZ – Residential Riding Lawn Mower Lift

The manufacturers know that they are creating a machine which besides being reasonable in price also offers quality service. Yes, it is built strongly and has a capacity of 250 pounds. You can do maintenance as it can lift 20 inches above the ground which is satisfactory level, so that you can do the kind of repair work which you are supposed to do. 

The lift is very compatible with series of various zero-turn mowers as well as lawn tractors.  It comes with a wheel span of upto 43.5 inches. 

It is quite easy to be used and operated, thanks to the hand level with which it is associated. Adding on to the list of convenience, it also comes with a power drill. One can feel extremely satisfied when it comes to storing it, as it can easily be folded, so when you don't need it, you are sure that it can be stored easily in a limited space which is really a great thing, in today's scenario where people jostle for space. 

  • If you are using for residential purpose, it comes with two years of warranty
  • It has an added mechanism to operate, thanks to hand lever as well as power drill
  • It is easier to be stored; thanks to the way you can fold it
  • It has an adjustable wheel span of upto 43.5 inches
  • The straps on the unit aren't as strong as they are supposed to be

MoJack ZR Lawn Tractor Lift

It is another lawn mower which deserves to be in the list as it has a weight capacity of 300 pounds at a height of 24 inches. It comes with two years of warranty when it comes to residential usage. Based on the height it offers, it is sufficiently fine to undergo the repair work and to carry out further operations. 

The body has been designed in such a manner, where it works with small ZTR lawn mowers. It also has adjustable wheel from 17.5 inches to 43.5 inches. It weights roughly 42 pounds. 

  • The body can be folded so that it creates an easy storage mechanism
  • One can easily raise it with power drill or hand crank
  • It carries a decent weight of 300 pounds
  • It easily lifts the weight to a height of 24 inches so that repairing and cleaning is done with ease
  • It comes with a complicated installation process

COPACHI Push Lawn Mower Lift

Quite an impressive lift which gives an outstanding value for your hard earned money. Besides being easy to use, it is also light in weight. You can ensure a lifting capacity of roughly 100 pounds with it. When it comes to adjustment, it offers a lift key for easy adjustment. It is constructed with heavy duty steel material which adds on to its durability. 

  • It is light in weight for managing things easily
  • It can lift weight of upto 100 pounds
  • It comes with steel construction for enhancing its durability
  • The unit is a bit wobbly when you use it

High Lift Jack 300-Pound for Tractor Riding Mower

Are you looking for a lift which can end your tensions once and forever, where you can feel that you have actually invested in something durable and quality? If yes, then it deserves to be in the list and it is certainly heavy duty which has a weight lifting capacity of 300 pounds. You can do maintenance easily as it has a weight lifting capacity of 24 inches. 

Based on the kind of tire you have, it is able to fully function thanks to its one-handed six position wheel saddle. Storing is easy, thanks to the way it can be folded, thus giving your respite when not being used

  • Assembling is easy with clear instructions
  • Strong and durable hydraulic pump lifts
  • Can be easily stored with foldable design
  • The unit lacks few hardware

MoJack EZ Max

Has it become quite hard for you to choose the best lawnmower lift? If yes, then check the MoJack EZ Max.  It has a weight capacity of 450 pounds. You can use it with various zero-turn mowers as well as residential lawn mowers. Maintenance is quite easy; thanks to the position which you get as you have enough room for doing that, since it can lift to a height of 24 inches. There is a wheel span adjustment from 18.5 inches to 47.5 inches 

  • It has a weight lifting capacity of 450 pounds
  • The body has been designed in such a manner, where it can be folded for easy storage
  • It lifts the mower by 24 inches in height
  • It comes with dual lifting mode
  • One may encounter that some hardware may be flimsy